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Responsible / Sustainable

Hotel Patio Andaluz Quito is part of the Rainforest Alliance’ Good practices for Sustainable Tourism program, looking to generate the lowest possible impact during our operation.
Among one of our first actions as employees at Hotel Patio Andaluz Quito -regardless of our position in the company- and being conscious of the example that we establish in the Hotel industry to cause positive changes and to preserve our environment, is to commit ourselves to the following items:

  • To Preserve the Water
  • To Save energy
  • To Reduce our wastes
  • To Increase Recycling activities
  • Unconditionally support to any environmental project in the community
  • To Improve the appearance, of our immediate surroundings, as well as further away within our city
  • To Work with our community and help in its improvement
  • To Make any additional effort to help maintain our environment
  • To Fulfill the laws of our country
  • To Reject any type of corruption and denounce it

*This document has to be signed by all new personnel when entering to work at Hotel Patio Andaluz Quito.